Sunday, May 14, 2006

Walking to work...
(always nice if your truck is having it's transmission rebuilt!)

A look back

Parshley St.

The Woodsons, my awesome next door neighbors.
Well, this is thier house, but they're in there somewhere.

Some street shots along the way

The High School is waaaaaaay up there!

Almost there! (I see the green roof)

The front of the school is to the left...

...the rear is to the right.

3 from in front of the entrance... this is to the right.

Here's a little more to the left.

Waaaaay to the left (we sure have some big trees on campus!)

Directly in front of Suwannee High School.

More pics... these
are of the rental house.

Home Sweet (rented) Home!


Three of the Living Room

Coach Bennett says he loves what I've done with the place.

Bedroom 1 of 3

Inventor of air mattress = genius!

The "Command Center!"

The stadium is just across the street... Handy for home games.

Home bleachers

The back of the scoreboard.

The visitor bleachers are back there somewhere.
I'm gonna charge $5 a car to park in the front yard...
since they'll park in it anyway.

View from the stadium back at the house.
Next... the walk to school.

New Job!
New House (rental)!
New Town!

Here are a few pictures I took the other day.

The back yard (and dog carrier)...

The view from the deck looking back.

Bo and Pugsley living large.

The Pugster!

Bo and Patch


Strike a pose!


My temporary pal... Buddy.

More pics to come!